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Multimedia projects

I have collaborated with multimedia colleagues to produce a wide range of audio/video projects, including live events, recorded news reviews, promotional videos, and more.  See selected samples of multimedia work below.


Society Talk

I successfully produced more than 25 episodes of the award-winning 'Society Talk,' an interactive monthly live video talk show broadcast via the Internet to American Cancer Society staff and volunteer leaders.  We regularly featured the ACS CEO and other senior leaders, who shared timely updates on high-priority organizational programs and activities. 

Click the button below to watch the October 2017 episode (just fill out a few fields on the registration page and move on to the next page to launch the show).  You can read the main script and a sample segment outline that I developed for this show.  Also, check out the Awards page on this site to see details on Society Talk receiving 2 IABC Atlanta Golden Flame Awards in 2017.

Society TV Greg G screenshot.jpg

ACS News Minute / Society TV

I directed production of more than 35 episodes of the 'ACS News Minute' (previously 'Society TV'), a twice-monthly recorded video series featuring interviews with staff experts, distributed to internal audiences via the organization's intranet, and to external audiences via YouTube. 

I developed story ideas, wrote original episode scripts, conducted interviews, and worked with multimedia colleagues on principal filming and b-roll images.  A few times, I hosted an episode myself. 

Click the button below to watch an episode of Society TV, and watch an episode of the rebranded ACS News Minute here.

ACS recruitment video Lauren.jpg

ACS recruitment campaigns

I managed creative development of print materials and videos to support ACS recruitment campaigns targeting diverse college students and military veterans.  This involved managing film shoots, selecting appropriate designs, and more.  In the process, I collaborated with our human resource department, an in-house creative services team, outside vendors, and ACS staff appearing on camera to create campaign materials. 

View an example of a college diversity poster and an example of our veterans brochure.  Click the button below to watch one of our college diversity recruitment videos.

Multimedia projects: Portfolio
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