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Major communications projects

I have been responsible for a wide range of high-profile communications projects and initiatives, including intranet website management, e-newsletters, promotional print pieces, social media, blogs, publications, and more.  Below are some examples of these kinds of projects.  You can find more details about my communications work on my LinkedIn profile by clicking the button below.

Management of intranet and website content

I have successfully managed intranet content for the American Cancer Society, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and CARE, including the development of timely updates to features (such as the Society News section of the former ACS intranet "The Link," shown on the right), adding and maintaining resources, working with information technology colleagues on technical issues, and more.  You can find examples of my internal news articles on the Writing Samples page of my portfolio.  

I have also managed external website content for ACS and The World Bank.  These experiences included developing structures for web pages, writing copy, editing images, inserting and adjusting HTML code, and troubleshooting any technical issues with information technology colleagues.  

The Link screen shot.jpg

Special feature for Boys & Girls Clubs of America intranet

I led a task force to develop a first-ever feature on the BGCA intranet that houses, in one location, essential resources that supported the organization's strategic goals.  This feature, called the Great Futures 2025 Resource Center, offers staff in Clubs nationwide the vital resources they need to improve the quality of their programs and provide optimal experiences for Club kids.  In leading the task force, I worked with senior leaders and a cross-functional team to curate resources, develop a framework for presenting those resources online, draft copy for web pages, work with creative service colleagues on images, and collaborate with senior leaders on messaging to staff and volunteers nationwide.

Increase Program Quality.jpg

Creating and distributing e-newsletters

I have worked on several e-newsletters using a variety of platforms.  At ACS, I managed e-newsletters regularly distributed to all staff, fundraising staff, volunteer leaders, ACS retirees, and partners located in countries outside the United States.  Here are screen shot samples of two ACS e-newsletters I worked on, the NHO Pipeline and an early version of Society eNews for staff.

At CARE, I managed an e-newsletter called 'iCARE News' that was shared with staff in electronic and print format.  Here is a screen shot sample of one issue.  The print format was necessary to share with staff based in countries outside the U.S. with limited technical capacity.  For all e-newsletters, I analyzed and reported on available analytics for each issue.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of America, I was part of a team dedicated to setting up a system for future emails to be sent to staff and volunteers through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  In this role, I developed user personas and journeys to be used in developing emails to target specific audiences.  In addition, I drafted and edited copy for e-newsletters and other emails sent to staff and volunteers through the existing email system.

Society eNews screen shot.jpg

Social media

I led the launch and management of the ACS International Affairs Department’s Facebook page and Twitter account to increase outreach to external constituents (see image of current Facebook page at right).  I established and grew both social media accounts despite concerns within the department about whether a presence in social media was even needed at the time. 

I have managed Facebook and Twitter accounts for other ACS departments.  I have also contributed content to the main ACS YouTube channel. 

I have experience in using Hootsuite to monitor social media activity for ACS accounts and an account used by the Atlanta chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).   

ACS Global Facebook page.png

Blog posting and management

From 2007 to 2010, I managed an external blog for the American Cancer Society's International Affairs Department called 'The Global Fight Against Cancer.'  This blog allowed us to share important and timely updates on department activities with external constituents, especially those located outside the United States.  Read those entries and other more recent entries by other colleagues on the blog. 

I also managed intranet features at ACS and CARE that were meant to simulate "blogs" on limited intranet technology.  This includes an award-winning blog for CARE's CEO and a "Look Who's Talking" blog at ACS that featured personal experiences of selected staff. 

Global Cancer blog screen shot.png

Development of promotional print materials

Working in close collaboration with creatives services colleagues, I've developed a wide range of promotional print materials, including brochures, flyers, and more.  One of my biggest print projects involved a first-ever revamp of a suite of over 100 pieces to help our sales team and other colleagues raise revenue and awareness of ACS programs.  See an example of a sell sheet for the ACS Patient Navigator Program.

I developed suites of promotional materials for ACS recruitment campaigns related to college diversity and military veterans.  See an example of a college diversity recruitment advertisement and a military veterans brochure

I also managed production of a large brochure with multi-page inserts for ACS international programs.  Here is a sample of that brochure

Patient Navigator sell sheet screen shot.jpg

Management of major print publication

I directed overall production of 4 language versions of ‘The Tobacco Atlas, Third Edition,’ an ACS publication regarded as the preeminent resource of global tobacco control information for policymakers, researchers, and the public. 

I was initially asked to step in as the project manager on short notice, and pick up where others had unexpectedly stopped on several months of preparations.  I worked closely with the publishing company, book co-authors, and ACS senior staff leaders to ensure all versions of the book contained accurate information and were completed on time. 

The language versions included English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.  Each version contained more than 100 pages of detailed text, maps, and tables.  Here is a sample of the start of Chapter 11 in the English version of the book.    

The Tobacco Atlas 3rd Edition cover.jpg
Major comms projects: Portfolio
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